G9 Molecular Ice Cream was first developed in Singapore in the year 2013, in which it has expanded operations to other Asian countries. So far there are more than 200 stores all over Asia. In May 2016 exclusive franchise for the Philippines was awarded to David’s Tea House Food Corporation, a successful organization in operating casual Cantonese food chain store.

Our mission is to share their premium ice cream with the Filipino people through our nationwide network.

G9 Molecular Ice Cream from Singapore is a trusted brand in Asia. It is made on the spot with fresh milk and fruits to give the unique taste of freshness and silky smoothness. Liquid nitrogen is used to change the molecules of fresh milk into fine ice cream.

Nitrogen is odorless and non-toxic, the air we breathe composes of 78% nitrogen. At a temperature of -196°C it becomes liquid form and will freeze the fresh milk rapidly into ice cream without any trace of ice residue.

G9 ice cream does not contain any artificial coloring and flavoring. It is proved to be the favorite ice cream especially for health conscious customers.


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